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Peggy Cappy

Yoga For The Rest Of Us: Easy Yoga For Arthri

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Join yoga teacher Peggy Cappy as she demonstrates movements to use at home to strengthen muscles and help increase mobility for people who are challenged by arthritis or the stiffness that comes with age or injury. This new special is divided into seven easy-to-use segments that will leave you energized and feeling more flexible: Gentle Warm-ups to loosen shoulders, neck and back, legs and feet, Warm-ups for the hands, wrists, and arms, Standing poses, Seated poses, Reclining poses, Deep relaxation techniques, and Meditation.This gentle yoga routine is perfect for people of all ages and abilities as Peggy's unique approach allows for three modifications for each pose: standing, seated or using a chair for support. Plus, Peggy incorporates meditation into this workout, a technique proven to increase our ability to deal with stress. Bonus! Travel to Peggy's historic hometown of Peterborough, NH, to meet the men and women whose lives have been dramatically improved by Peggy's classes. Hear first-hand accounts of how yoga has helped her students ease their arthritis and increase their overall health and well-being.