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American Speedway

Ship Of Fools

Debut vinyl release in the no-nonsense rock style of the MC5, AC/DC and the Supersuckers.

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American Speedway is a high-energy, kick-ass rock and roll band, what more would you want' Pure. Fast. Rock! If you're into bands like Zeke, Speedealer, MC5, AC/DC, Supersuckers, etc., you will like American Speedway. The band plays loud and fast, and even faster, while incorporating catchy hooks amongst all the noise. "Ship Of Fools" is their debut release. This LP will be packaged with a bonus CD and lyric sheet. Limited to 500 copies.




“Confident and assertive without hitting the point of cockiness, every second of Ship Of Fools asserts that while we are no longer in the fine company of acts such as the New Bomb Turks or Gaza Strippers, the world of punk rock'n'roll is alive again. American Speedway have revived the corpse.' ”
     —Keith Carman, EXCLAIM!

“AMERICAN SPEEDWAY sounds almost legitimately Southern it could thus be said they are the North's answer to NASHVILLE PUSSY”
     —Ray Van Horn, Jr, AMP MAGAZINE

“Straight out of Hostile City, USA (aka Philadelphia) American Speedway pound, bash and puke through marriage - ruining asshole- anthems like Drink' And Drivin' and No Control like the Supersuckers on their first day back from a 90 day stint in the county jail”
     —sleazegrinder, CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE

“'(Ship of Fools) Whaddya think this is anyway, some kinda hoity-toity art fag fiesta?”
     —Jeffrey Morgan, DETROIT METRO TIMES

“All hail greasy, loud, riff-heavy rock!”
     —Greg Prato, ALL MUSIC GUIDE

Track Listing

  • Ship Of Fools
  • American Speedway
  • One Foot In, One Foot Out
  • Far Behind
  • Drinkin' And Drivin'
  • Cocaine
  • Don't Tread On Me
  • Make Some Noise
  • No Control
  • Same Old, Same Old