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  • Number of Discs: 8
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  • Label: SMITH TAPES
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John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Smith Tapes: I'm Not The Beatles: John & Yoko Interviews 1969-72

Eight disc set of interviews with John and Yoko from 1969-72

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The five iconic conversations with Village Voice journalist and radio personality Howard Smith from 1969-72. Discussions about music, love, creativity, peace and politics, following the couple's evolution from the Beatles into revolutionaries. Mastered from Smith's original audio reels, which had been buried in the back of his West Village loft for 40 years. Never before released on CD. 8 disc set.


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“ ...Fans will enjoy the wide-ranging discussions from Lennon and Ono's various peace protests, to their fad diets, to the experimental, avant-garde art exhibits and eccentric films.”
     —Chris Hicks, Deseret News

“Smith's output as cultural landscape detector and reflector are priceless artifacts of the world that birthed us. Here are artifacts that do not require restoration; they speak with the same resonance today as they did in the before time.”
     —August March, Alibi

“ Imagine dropping in on a private conversation among three friends, expressing opinions on a wide variety of topics, and that summarizes the experience of listening to this eight-disc set. It perfectly encapsulates how Lennon developed artistically and personally in a short time span, and reveals the hidden lives of an otherwise very public couple.”
     —Kit O'Toole, Something Else