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  • Format: Blu-ray Disc
  • Item #: GEN81453BD
  • Released: 08/05/08
  • Running Time: 372 minutes
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  • Number of Discs: 2
  • UPC: 796019814539
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Experience the Emmy Award-winning masterpiece as never before with Lonesome Dove 2-DVD Collector's Edition. Presented for the first time digitally re-mastered, in widescreen picture, and 5.1 surround sound, the all-time western classic is filled with all-new bonus features. Based upon the Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Larry McMurtry and set in the late nineteenth century, this sprawling epic of the Old West is the story of the last defiant frontier, a daring cattle drive, and an undying love. Lonesome Dove continues to be a treasured classic for all generations. Director: Simon Wincer. Stars: Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Diane Lane, Angelica Houston, Danny Glover.