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  • Label: DRP RECORDS
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No Honour In Exile

Throdl deliver 13 songs of metal/deathcore brutality through the mind of a female serial killer on this concept CD.

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Scene veterans, Throdl, deliver their 3rd installment of Metal punishment entitled, No Honour In Exile. The CD is a sonic lesson in violence, anger and chaos that weaves a web of crushing Deathcore riffs, ear-grabbing hooks, with hints of classic Metal and Hardcore. Throughout the disc, Throdl prove their perfection of the art of evoking emotions of anger, hate, and rebellious energy through your speakers. The concept album following a female serial killer on her trek through her tortured life. "Ruthless" and "Satan's Saliva" both attest to the savage and cruel nature of the mind of a killer, while songs like "N.E.W. A.I.J." and "The Death at the Funeral Home" drive home the harse realities of our cruel world. The Metal purist will appreciate the homage to the roots of the genre. While the progressive listener will embrace the new sounds relavent in today's metal mainstream. No Honour In Exile refuses to be overlooked, and cannot be just listened to, it must be experienced.

Track Listing

  • Graveyard Dirt
  • N.E.W. A.I.J.
  • Fireantz
  • Ruthless
  • Measure of a Man
  • Lydia
  • Devils & Slingshots
  • Satan's Saliva
  • Dance or Die
  • Gaz'r Delay
  • The Death At The Funeral Home
  • A Day At The Beach (Normandie)
  • Mob Of Carthage