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Common Enemy

Living The Dream?

The long anticipated 4th studio full length from the East Coast mainstays, featuring 20 short, fast Punk Rock anthems!

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Common Enemy - Living The Dream?, 11" x 17" Poster
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The masterpiece "Living The Dream?" is the result of Common Enemy's long time line-up and new vocalist Gary Critical's instant writing chemistry. Producing 20 Punk Rock anthems about Skating, Partying, and Politics for 2009, the band invited Suicide Machines/ Hellmouth singer Jason Navarro to the party to guest on the title track. The formative years started in 1997 by brothers Tank on drums and Justin on guitar. Focusing their beer goggles in 2004 with the edition of Greg Disoder on Bass and releasing the acclaimed "Late Night Skate" CD. Touring road miles, empty beer cans, broken decks, and members numbers all mounted, CE started gaining a fanatical and frenzied fanbase that was finally sticking to their grip tape. Treking all over North America and 3 trips to Europe to support "Late Night Skate" and the follow-up "Thrashing Under The Influence" aka T.U.I have cemented CE their well respected place in the DIY Punk scene. "Living The Dream?" will be an instant underground classic!


Watch trailer/clip »

Watch trailer/clip »

Listen:         We're Under Attack

Track Listing

  • Still Having Fun
  • The Thrill Will Kill
  • We're Under Attack
  • Living the Dream? (feat. Jason Navarro)
  • Beer Bong
  • To the Left
  • Warped in World 8
  • Hey Kid, Wake Up
  • Nothing's Wrong
  • My Board, My Rules
  • Pac-Man Fever
  • Thrash House Party
  • Police Story
  • Just Another Enemy
  • Party Harder
  • Never Enough
  • Shut Your Mouth
  • Bail Out
  • Syphon & Destroy
  • Standing in Line